Research programme

Research is integral to the Q Step Academy. Our current research programme has two key elements:

1. Research into statistical anxiety and the implication for learning social statistics

This study explores maths anxiety and the implications for learning social statistics among secondary school students and teachers. The study collects data on students and teachers’ statistical reasoning, perceptions of and attitudes toward social statistics, and maths anxiety. It aims to identify what support do teachers need in order to engage with social statistics in their teaching, promote good practice and provide more focused support for individual learners.

2. Research into pedagogical innovation and evaluation

This project aims to bring creative methodologies and evaluation techniques to the teaching and learning of social statistics in Schools. It brings together researchers from Edinburgh Q-Step centre, school pupils and teachers, and a comic book artist who will co-develop creative learning materials like data-driven comics.

The Q-Step Academy aims to contribute to theoretical and pedagogical research by publishing papers and reports and participating in conferences and knowledge exchange activities.

If you are interested in working with us or want to find out more, please get in touch.